Our innovation

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Our global  Animal Nutrition Research & Development  experts are dedicated to improving pet health through better Nutrition and Feeding Behaviours. Close collaborations are made  with professors and researchers from renowned international universities such the University of Animal & Nutrition Science – ILLINOIS– USA, the ONIRIS  National Veterinary and  Food Science school France , and the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences UNESP. Our objective is to establish  sound scientific-based evidence supporting the performance of our products.


Our Nutrition Centre has been designed to provide the highest care and wellness to our pets every day.


Educational and socialisation programs are in place to guarantee the pet’s well-being and to provide the conditions to properly assess the benefits of improved formulations and products technologies.


Welfare is at the heart of everything we do.


The scientific fields of research are targeting to provide new dietary solutions to contribute to:


  • Gut health : the importance of the microbiota in the health of the digestive system and the regulation of the metabolism.
  • Weight health : the need to minimise the development of obesity and all the related health risks in the pet population.
  • Immune health : the opportunity to enhance and modulate the innate and adaptive immune response through dietary interventions.
  • Ageing health : the ability to delay the effect of ageing on the loss of muscle mass.


Our objectives is always to provide the best ever feline and canine nutritional solutions.